Lake Chelan United Methodist Church

Special Events

Aug: Church in the Park

Sept: Rally Day

Nov: Harvest Dinner

Dec: Christmas Pageant

Jan: Wassailing/Sledding

  1. Potlucks every Third Sunday of the Month 

            Just bring a dish to share or come anyway, we have good fellowship after the service.

  1. "Lunch Bunch" is small group that meets for fellowship over great food.

  2. "Nova" is a dinner group that meets monthly for food and fellowship.


  1. Youth Sunday every third Sunday where youth help in leadership roles.  


Community Groups also meet here! 

We like to share the building!

  1. Cub Scouts meet in our building 

  2.  AA meets at our church


  4. Al-Anon meets at the Church 


  6. Each summer Bach Fest uses the Church 


  8. TOPS weight loss program meets at the church 


  10. The Teen Center meets in the Basement all during the school year. 

We enjoy sharing the building for all to benefit from the space, call if you have an event that needs space.